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This video library was created to inform our customers and show why Goldwater Bank is the right choice. The Bank has strict and complex guidelines to approve any mortgage loans. At Goldwater Bank, we are trying to make the loan process simple and fast. If you are looking for a mortgage loan and need our help, please fill up the complete application for us to better understand your story. Then proceec to call or email if you have further questions. We would love to walk with you step by step and make this process as easy as possible. Please watch these short videos and share with your friends and family.  Realtors, Builders, and Investors are also encouraged to watch.  

Bank Fallout Mortgage Loans: Have you been blamed for bad credit or qualification issues? Please contact us and see what we can do for you. It could be a lack of the right product or insufficient knowledge of your Loan Officer to structure the loan accordingly. Help us help you. Apply online now!!            


Main Video- English

Main Video- Spanish


Down Payment Assistance: Are you worried about your lack of down payment? This video may give you the hope to purchase a home again. We are helping hundreds of customers like you in all 50 States. If you need our help for down payment assistance, please click on apply to fill out the complete application now and send yoir financials. We may able to help.


Down Payment Assistance- English        

Down Payment Assistance- Spanish

Bankruptcy: Are you concerned for your bankruptcy? This video may give you the hope to purchase a home again. As an aggressive Lender, we can help you to find your dream home. Please click on apply to fill out the complete application now.


 Are you still renting? First time home buying is not harder as you thought. You just need to find the right Lender to work on your mortgage loan. Let us help to find your dream home. As a direct Lender, we are offering all types of mortgage loan to make your home buying simple and fast. Contact us today or apply online.



USDA - 100% Financing: Why are you still renting when 100% financing may available for you? Contact us today for fast pre-approval. We can help you even you may have short cash for home purpose. Our Underwriting guideline allow us to approve loan as low as 550 credit score. Apply online today.


 Multiple Properties: Multiple properties or 2nd homes are not too hard if we can structure the loan accordingly. Let us know if your loan was declined by the Bank. We still may able to help. We have over 70% success ratio from the decline loan applications by bank. Why not try with us? Apply now!!!



If you still have question, don't hesitate to contact us at any time. One of our Mortgage Consultant would love to discuss with you in details. At Goldwater Bank, we are making the home purchase simple and fast!!!