USDA Loans: 100 Percent Financing


The USDA changed rules in 2009 that make millions of Americans eligible for its rural mortgage programs. The American dream of home ownership has become more difficult as families struggle to come up with the 20-percent down payment that many conventional home loans require. With the USDA loan, many are still able to get a zero-down home loan. We can structure the loan so that you may be able to buy a home with as low as a $1,000 cash investment from your pocket. Please contact us now for details. We are lending nationwide.

Do I Qualify for a USDA Loan?
In the past, USDA Loans were often call "farmers’ loans," but times have changed. Almost anyone outside of a major metropolitan area looking to purchase a home can qualify for a USDA loan. Eligibility varies based on area, your income, credit history, and number of dependents claimed, so it's important that you call and speak with one of our experts to see if you qualify.  

Zero money down and 100-percent financing is available
USDA loans come directly from the federal government or from government-approved and government-backed lenders
You can have lower monthly payments with terms up to 30 years
Bad credit can qualify
Low income and middle class families can qualify

USDA Loans are for: 

New home
Pre-existing home
Land and the cost of building a home


Our manual Underwriting system allow us to approve a USDA loan as low as 580 credit score with harder income ratio and additional down payment. We offer USDA guaranteed and USDA direct mortgage loans which allow us to extend the to middle or higher income class families. So if you have issue due to higher income in that community, go ahead and apply now. Let our Mortgage specialist find the best loan program for you. You may want to visit our video library for a better understanding of USDA loans. Apply now and become a home owner!!!