Partnering With Realtors

We believe a true partnership can provide better service to our consumers, and both parties can grow the business together. That is why we are looking forward to meeting with Realtors and joining with them on our team.

With our aggressive underwriting guidelines, we handle very tough loans when you have “NO” answer from Banks or Brokers. We know you have worked very hard to help your customer close their dream home. Many of our Real Estate partners involve some Banks and Brokers in the home buying process, taking the burden of difficult financial situations off their hands. With our knowledge of the industry and experience financing home buyers, we'll have all the paperwork, qualification data, the latest best rates, a variety of available mortgage programs, and any other information with us that you might not be aware of. We just don’t give a pre-qualification letter to our Realtors and Customers. WE provide pre-qualification letter upon review all necessary documents and credit report. We want to help you to cross the river in the same boat. Please contact us today to discuss with one of our Loan Specialist or Manager. Let us know how we can help.

As a partner, we can also help our Realtors in marketing tools like flyers, post cards as well as leads from our referrals or website. Join us today and let us know what we can do together to win.