Down Payment Assistance Loan

At American Nationwide Mortgage Company, Inc we are helping customers to find 100% financing through USDA, VA loans, or offering down payment assistance program. Qualifying first-time homebuyers can get grant funds or soft loans, second loans via  affordable housing program. Before purchasing your home, please contact our Mortgage Specialist and see if you are qualified for down payment assistance program. If you have any grants or down payment assistance from your County, State or any organization, let us know. We may be able to use that grant or assistance to purchase your dream home. We have several down payment assistance program available for the Borrowers who really need the fund the purchase the home. Here are few program highlights: 

You must be qualified from one of the programs in order to find down payment assistance to purchase your dream home. Our experienced team will work closely with our Investors to match and help on the mortgage loans.

  • The Borrower’s income (or, in the event of multiple Borrowers on a loan application, their income collectively) is equal to or less than 140% of the state or county medial income regardless of family size based upon the State or county where the property is located.
  • Any Borrower on the loan application is a current, retired, volunteer or non-paid:   
  1. First responder (police officer, firefighter, public safety officer, paramedic, emergency medical technician or similar
  2. Educator
  3. Medical personnel (nurse, doctor, phlebotomists, health ambassador, or hospital, American Red Cross worker, or similar;
  4. Civil servant in a federal, state or local municipality
  5. Military personnel
  • Any Borrower on the loan application is a First Time Home Buyer who meets the following criteria:
  1. Purchasing the subject property
  2. Will reside in the subject property as their principal residence
  3. Has or had no ownership(sole or joint) in a residential property during the last 3 years from the application date
  4. Must have minimum 580 credit score with acceptable Desktop Underwriter (DU) or Loan Prospector (LP) approve

Please apply online today and write a brief note for faster prequalification. Once we have your complete loan application and necessary documents, our team can find the best possible program for you. This is your one stop to find the down payment assistance and mortgage loan based on your qualification. For further questions or additional information, contact us through email, phone, or talk to us online.