Construction Loans

Construction Loans

Welcome to our "Construction Loan Division" at American Nationwide Mortgage Company, Inc. Our experienced team is dedicated to help find you the loan needed to build homes. Whether you own land that you want to build a new home on, or you're seeking for a mortgage loan for a project development or subdivision as a residential Builder; we'll help.

We offer construction to permanent loans for new manufactured, modular homes, and stick built. We have all types of construction loans including  FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional, and Jumbo loans. Our one time close program provides construction financing, lot purchase, and permanent loans, all wrapped up in one. We are also offering  conventional and jumbo loan up to $3M.  Why worry about re-qualifying, re-appraisal or incurring additional closing cost? We also help in 203K, fix and flip, renovation loan, and builder's project. It's all about the types of loans, borrower's qualification, and our guidelines. If you are a home builder, we would love to partner with you. We can help each other to grow.

Here are few benefits for our construction loan:
        1.   Minimum credit score 620
        2.   As low as 100% LTV, can use equity as a down payment
        3.   One time closing option to reduce the cost and risk
        4.   No payment due during the construction time
        5.   Experienced  team to help your paperwork
        6.   Minimum 2 years bankruptcy or 3 years foreclosure
        7.   Construction draw loan up to $3M
        8.   Manufactured, modular or stick build construction loan
        9.  Construction loan for Home Owners, Contractors and Builders

The terms and conditions may vary from the types of loan and loan amount. Conventional and Jumbo loan requires to make payment during the construction time unless it is one time closing (OTC). We hope that by helping financially sound construction projects more easily find construction money we will make our own contribution to boosting the economy in our own small way by stimulating new construction and creating more construction jobs. 

If you want us to pre-qualify your loan first before provide all construction drawing and permit, please apply online now!!! DON'T waste your time or hurt your credit to apply lead origination company or non-licensed financing company. Apply with us directly and save your time and money. If you are not sure how to proceed, please call us at 855 560 0500. We would love to make it simple for you. Again, thanks for your time to visit our site.

Residential Builder: 
As a national construction Lender, American Nationwide Mortgage Company, Inc has been financing consumer construction loans for years.We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding the needs of the builder. Offering interim construction and permanent loan options for your customers, makes American Nationwide Mortgage Company, Inc the right construction lender to work with you and your customers. American Nationwide Mortgage Company, Inc employs an in-house construction department. Our dedicated construction Loan Officers, Processors, Underwriters, Closers and Draw Coordinators work directly with the customer and builder thru the entire loan and construction process. If you're a remodel contractor, make American Nationwide Mortgage Company, Inc as your the right lender to work with you and your customers.

We would love to help Home Owners, Builders, Contractors, and Realtors to close more loans. Please contact us now for details or apply online for faster response.