Hiring Virtual Loan Officers, In-house Loan Officers, and Producing Manager:

We are a mortgage company and direct lender located in the heart of Tyson’s Corner, Virginia—we are avidly seeking candidates to fill the positions mentioned above. If you are interested in any one of these opportunities, please contact us to sign up for an in-person interview with your resume in hand. 

As a direct lender: we provide all the tools, products and software, flexibility to work from home, and higher compensation (up to 175 basis points) as opposed to the dismal standard of 60 to 70 basis points working for a regular bank.  So, if you’re looking for more bang out of your buck, join us and experience real growth. Please be advised, this is a commission based position. You should have able to work from your virtual / home office and at Tysons corner.
                 Our marketing tools includes:

  1. FREE Loan Officer web page
  2. FREE marketing brochures software for you and your Realtors
  3. FREE  lead management software                                                                                                                                                               Products Highlights:                       

      1. Vast product knowledge of FHA, VA, USDA, & CONVENTIONAL loan programs.
      2. One-on-one training program. New Loan Officers are also welcome.
      3. We are offering 130 to 160 basis points to our Loan Officers.
Producing Manager can earn up to 175 basis points. If you have a few Loan Officers working with you, bring your team to work with us. You don’t need to run your broker’s office and pay the overhead costs.

We are looking for in-house Loan Officers to manage our call center and potential leads. The candidate must have a Loan Officer license and minimum of one year’s worth of experience in this industry. Telemarketing experience is a plus but not required, as well as strong closing abilities over the phone. Please be advised, this is a commission based position.  You can earn 70 to 100 BPS based on volume. We will provide most of the leads from our in-house marketing. You will be required to work for up to 40-50 hours from our office to maintain higher closing ratio. The position requires to work from Tysons Corner office.

American Nationwide Mortgage Company follow equal emplyment opportunity.

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