Tough Loans


Welcome to American Nationwide Mortgage Company- a direct Lender for Realtors, Builders and Customers. We are a full eagle licensed Lender in 30 States. Due to our greater lending program and in-house Underwriting abilities, we can fund more loans than most of the Banks and Brokers.  We are creative and handle very tough loans!!! If you are having pre-qualification problem due to multiple properties or low credit score or higher DTI; please meet us in person with last 2 years tax return, recent 4 pay checks and 2 months bank statement.  You will review and structure the deal according to the box size.

Residential: All Types of FHA, Conventional, VA, USDA and Jumbo Loans:

Highlights of few products:

Ø Up to 55% DTI (Debt To Income)/ high debt loan program
Ø Owner occupy home improvement loan (203K)/ new home purchase or refinance
Ø Semi- stated income program for self-employed or business owners
Ø Higher condominium ratio program (most Lenders DON’T)
Ø 100% financing available VA and USDA loans
Ø Finance up to 10 investment properties based on full docs
Ø W-2 to 1099 or 1099 to w2 employee mortgage loan program
Ø New home construction loans (Owner Occupy or Builder/ Investor)
Ø Refinance or new home purchase with bankruptcy or foreclosure
Ø 80% LTV on two years short sale
Ø 96.5% LTV on 2 years bankruptcy or 3 years foreclosure             
Ø Challenged credit or  very low credit score      

If you are turned down by your Lender or Bank, please contact us. Realtors are encouraged to work with us and close more loans. We believe in true business partnership with Realtors and Builders. We are also offering subprime loans (VA only) including 24 months bank statement program, 1 day bankruptcy or foreclosure, high condo ration, foreign national and low credit with minimum 550. These loan programs require minimum 20% down payment. Please contact us for details.